Regardless of whether you have health insurance or not, purchasing prescription medications can be pretty costly. This is especially the case if you prefer the brand name drugs over the generic options, or if your medication does not have a generic choice. I have been purchasing my prescription drugs from Canada for the last 3 years, and it has saved me hundreds of dollars if not more.  I received an expensive prescription from my doctor which did not have a generic option. The drug was even expensive even with health insurance. I had heard through the grapevine that Americans were flocking to Canada to purchases their prescriptions. I did a little research and found an entire online network of sites designed to accept orders for American prescription drugs.  I am sure that you may have many concerns from ordering drugs from other countries, but I assure you that Canadian pharmacies are safe and highly regulated. I wouldn’t order drugs from South American or Asian countries, though.

I have used for my orders.  The site is VERY user friendly and it is also secure. You can create an account that will keep track of your order history, refills, prescriptions and more.

You start by searching the name of your drug to see if they carry it. Once you find your medication, you can see the volume is which they provide it. Please keep in mind that you cannot purchase more drugs than your prescription indications. So if you have a 30day supply on your prescription, you will not be allowed to purchase a 60 or 90 quantity.  Each medication has an in depth description for you to review prior to making your purchase.

Once you are ready to make a purchase, you will be prompted to create a user account.  The sign up process is very simple and quick. Now that your profile is created, you can proceed with your purchase. If you are buying a drug that needs a prescription, you will need to send your prescription to them via fax, email or snail mail it for review and approval. They are very flexible with how you send it, as long as it is clear and legible. I usually snap a picture of my prescription with my smart phone and upload the image to my account on the site. Then I would follow up with a call to their customer service (which is awesome) to let them know it’s there so they can process the order right away,  Once they receive it, your order will we processed and ready to ship. The only down side about using this service is that the shipping can take quite some time. I have received my prescriptions relatively quickly in some cases, and others took two weeks or more. I highly suggest you order your medication at least 20 days in advance to be sure to receive it in time for usage. I highly recommend using for your medications because it fast, affordable secure, professional and safe. Have you purchased medication from Canada before? If not, would you?

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